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If you have an idea or a conceptual idea that requires creation of a proof of concept for pitching or you need a film produced, animation project or a television series created and produced and are in need of a teaser trailer or official trailer.  We can assist you in bringing your idea and your visions to the silver screen or the cable networks.

See at HOTS, we have no problem taking a sit down and we will be more than happy to discuss all of your options moving forward.  Once you are qualified by our intake production division, you will meet our producers and directors as well as our directors of photography. During the meeting we will determine the direction of your production and what you, the creator, can expect from us as the production team. Also at this time you will be educated on the pre-production, production and post-production operations and what we will need from you to bring your vision to fruition from start to finish. We specialize in proof of concepts.

Our production intake division will showcase the different budgets we offer moving forward for pre-production, production, post-production and then finally press kits.  Our CEO, CKO, CFO, SVP and our executive staff find that a self-investors needs are very important and they are a number one priority to all of us.  Our executive team does not sit behind a desk and sign checks; we work alongside you from the start of your production to the very end.

We will assist you in the process of creation and bringing your idea to fruition that may just be on paper at this point.  Our team of professional producers, directors, casting staff, writers and lastly our sales and marketing pitching team will bring your vision to life on the big screen.
These services are offered to anyone who walks through our doors as a new client if you just want to talk or if you want to retain our services.

If you are seeking to produce a movie, biopic, documentary, T.V. show, reality series, have a book and are in need of a book trailer, or even if you are in need of an electronic press kit we can fulfill your goals right under one roof here at HOTS Motion Pictures T.V. & Reality Series Productions LLC.

If you’re ready to showcase your concept to investors/networks, let us know.

Please see below on instructions to submit:

1. Please fill out our MNDA ( Mutual Non-Disclosure Statement ) available on this site via the main menu area.  Please read and review, sign, scan and email to us at  Please include all contact information and the reason you are inquiring about our services.

a) Your Name
b) Phone Number
c) Best Hours to Reach You
d) Email Address
e) Where are you in the production stage? Are you ready to pitch to networks? Do you need to have your show produced?

Please note if you are seeking to be pitched for concept mode or if you are seeking to produce a commercial, short or full length feature film.

HOTS Reality Series Concept Division’s qualifying department will be sent a copy of your project submission. You will be contacted within 2-4 weeks of your project acceptance status.

Once a budget is outlined for your project. Upon full disclosure and acceptance for our projected budget, our production team will commence and create a treatment (similar to a screenplay and or synopsis) for your show concept for our producers and directors to direct and produce.

Now it’s time fill out the proper paper work for your newly created IP or POC (proof of concept) to insure the proper execution of all trademark and copyright applications are put in place; once funding is secured and when the production moves from pre-production to production.  All funding must be secured not just the funding for the synopsis and or the treatment.  The full budgeted amount of funding for the production needs to be in place.  This process is industry standard and put in place to protect your POC and or your reality series concept, docu-drama, feature film or whatever you are seeking us to produce or create for you as a self-investor.  We have our legal division facilitate and take the proper channels to secure the copyright and file it for us to safeguard your IP as well as we make sure it is registered with the proper government agencies.

Then lights, camera, action and we are on our way to produce, shoot and complete your proof of concept production.

Lastly after we finish our process which consists of pre-production, production and post – production, then we create your digital download; which you can pitch yourself, or you may have our sales and marketing team travel to pitch to multiple networks in Atlanta, Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

This is just a quick summary to give you a peek into what needs to be done behind the scenes, to bring your vision or idea to life for the silver screen or TV cable networks.


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